Castrum to Montem , ancient name of Castellamonte , is a town known for the high Canavese production wonderful stoves in ceramic and handmade pottery . For centuries the precious Clay Local products are objects indispensable to daily life as bowls, plates , pots , so that its inhabitants for centuries have been called " Pignater " .

Though today the demand for ceramic products is not longer what it once was , in Castellamonte they are still present many pottery artisans and artists , and the production of precious stoves . Every year to August-September is organized Show of Ceramics Castellamonte (arrived to the fiftieth edition ) .

Castello Ducale of Agliè surrounded by a park with old trees . Is located in Agliè , 15 minutes from La Branda . Open all the year.

Malgrà castle in Rivarolo Canavese , 15 minutes from La Branda . The opening season is from May to October , during which inside the castle are held interesting exhibitions .

Castello di Masino , in Caravino . Open from mid-February until November .

Mazzè castle overlooking the Dora Baltea in the hills of Mazzè , about half an hour from Castellamonte . A few kilometers away is the lake of Candia , one of the glacial lakes of the Canavese . The castle is open from March to October .

Abbey Fruttuaria San Benigno Canavese

Church of Santa Maria di Doblazio in Pont Canavese , 15 minutes from Castellamonte .

Torre Ferranda a Pont C.Se

Mines and Mining Museum of Traversella , Val Chiusella 40 minutes from La Branda